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Tool and mould making

Quality does not have to be expensive

The right choice of toolmaking

Because the right tool determines the quality of your products, the responsibility for the quality of your products lies with the toolmaker.

We have decades of know-how in the field of plastic injection moulding and die casting of housings. Thanks to global sourcing in toolmaking and our own toolmaking standards, we can guarantee the required quality at reasonable prices. Our engineers support you right from the component design stage to ensure optimum results and avoid unnecessary loops. Depending on the requirements for the parts and the quantities needed, a choice can be made between aluminum tools or steel tools so called “soft or hard tools“.

Worldwide toolmaking according to requirements

We have various options for tool production ensured by the Phoenix Mecano Group, depending on the requirements for the parts. In Europe and China, we manufacture tools for die casting and injection moulding parts, but also stamping and bending parts. These are usually transferred to one of our European spraying plants. Our European production sites for die casting and injection moulding parts are equipped with modern equipment and guarantee that the moulds are optimally matched to our high-quality machines and produce parts of correspondingly high quality. In addition, the possibility of relocation massively reduces the delivery time of injection-moulded parts compared to Asia. Mould adjustments and service work are also performed on site at the spray shop. This guarantees not only precision and quality, but also flexibility, speed, and a good price-performance ratio.

After the first samples, the parts are tested for function. In the next step, the surface structure is determined before the parts then go into series production.

Our services in toolmaking

Soft/hard tools – Quick to market with soft-tooling!

Aluminum tools – Soft-Tooling

Customised injection-moulded housings on your desk in just a few working days? Soft-tooling combines the properties of rapid prototyping and plastic injection moulding. Aluminium tools, so-called soft-tools, are produced very quickly and are suitable for small and medium quantities.

Steel tools – Hard-Tooling

For larger quantities or very demanding parts, steel tools – “hard tools” – are the optimal solution. High accuracy, durability and high quality surfaces are properties which are achieved with steel tools.

DFM report for tool production

The Design for Manufacturing (DFM) report aims to check the manufacturability and at the same time keep the manufacturing costs of the parts as low as possible. It bridges the gap between development and toolmaking. The more potential problems the mould maker can foresee, the more efficient and cheaper the subsequent adaptation of the mould will be until the injection-moulded parts are produced in the required quality. For this purpose, various points are queried, checked, and recorded. These are among others:

  • Which manufacturing process?
  • The exact material designations
  • Details of the mould and suitable injection moulding machine
  • Injection points
  • Mould flow analysis
  • ect.

Mold flow analysis – Simulation of the injection process

Modern 3D CAD systems and the prototypes created by them provide early insights into the later product. In mold-making, too, the aim is to save time by avoiding late and unnecessary adjustments.

Mould flow analysis is particularly helpful. It simulates the course of the material during the injection process of the housing. More specifically, how the liquid plastic flows into the mould, cools, and hardens. Mould flow analysis can show the form of shrinkage, warpage, sink marks and air pockets. The findings are immediately incorporated into the mould design. Unwanted side effects are thus reduced even before the first injection process.

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