Painting die cast aluminum enclosure and hanging enclosure

Surface treatment

For targeted protection and an individual look

In housing technology, surface treatment primarily pursues two goals. On the one hand, protection from external influences, and on the other hand, giving the design an individual touch.

In the case of die-cast aluminium, extruded aluminium profiles or sheet metal, surface finishing is unavoidable. The surface treatment protects against corrosion or rust and thus ensures the longevity of the housing.

Moreover, the conductivity can be increased by surface treatment. Partial treatment is also possible – for example, for contact points of connectors or of components that require a conductive connection to the housing.

Probably the best known surface treatment is painting, which we offer in wet paint or powder coating process.

Our surface treatment services

Painting / powder coating – Stand out from the crowd

We paint aluminium die castings as requested in RAL, Pantone or special colours using powder coating or wet paint process. The structure and gloss level of the lacquer provide a special feel and an individual housing design.

Passivating – High corrosion protection and EMC conductivity

After washing, the aluminium housings are passivated by SurTec650 chromium(VI). Passivation creates a thin protective layer on the aluminium, which provides high corrosion protection and EMC conductivity. It also provides an excellent adhesion primer for subsequent painting. SurTec650 passivation is RoHS compliant and an alternative to a chromium containing Alodine treatment.

Anodisation – The noble surface for aluminium

Protects the aluminium parts from corrosion and also provides a noble design. Coloured anodising is also possible perfectly well. However, anodising is only suitable for aluminium profiless or milled parts from solid aluminium. This process is unsuitable for aluminium die casting or chill casting.

EMC coatings – Protection from electromagnetic interference

Plastic surfaces are conductively coated by means of copper conductive lacquer or an aluminium vapor deposition. An additional conductive EMC gasket can be used between the housing parts to ensure even greater shielding.

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