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Projects with which we inspire customers

Before we start to realise great projects together with you, we want to show you what we have already accomplished.
As you will learn here, our strengths do not lie purely in the manufacture of injection-moulded and die cast parts or extruded profiles.
We offer you much more!
The benefit for you is that we can handle the entire project for you. From the development of the housing adapted to your electronics, through toolmaking, series production, device assembly to delivery in the final packaging.
This saves you time and money, and at the same time we take responsibility for functionality and complete manufacturing.

Our know-how, your advantage – everything from a single source

IoT sensor housing in plastic injection molding process

CO2 device injection molding

Development, rapid prototyping and manufacture of a housing for an IoT sensor and LED lamp using plastic injection molding to measure air quality.

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Injection molded plastic part with electronics for an IoT button

IoT button injection moulding

Development and production of a housing for an IoT button using plastic injection moulding. From design, electronics assembly to delivery in the final packaging.

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Plastic injection molding post office order pen

Post order pen

A LoRaWANⓇ-based smart button in plastic injection molding. Electronic developed by Miromico together with Swiss Post, with an optical identification code (OID codes).

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SETAGO pick to light system made of sensors in plastic injection molding and control system in aluminum extrusion process

Plastic injection housing

Sensor electronics and LED built into a compact injection-molded plastic housing with translucent plastic front. Control in an extruded aluminium profile.

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CycleCounter made of a flat plastic profile housing which is glued on window or door frame

Plastic extrusion process

An IoT sensor system is inserted into a 3 mm high extruded plastic profile. The profile is completed off with two snap-in end caps in plastic injection moulding.

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