Mechanical enclosure machining on a milling machine

Mechanical machining

Is subsequent machining on die-cast or injection-moulded parts actually necessary?

Fast, flexible, economical

Most cutouts, breakthroughs, holes or recesses are functionally injected through the tool. Nevertheless, subsequent mechanical processing has its advantages or is even unavoidable.

Extruded profiles, for example, are cut from bars of 3 – 6 meters to the desired length before being further processed into the final product.

In the case of a housing, on the other hand, it may well make sense to machine breakthroughs for interfaces, cutouts for displays, threads, etc. afterwards. This means that different device designs can be realised from one basic body and you remain highly flexible in the variants.

Very precise dimensions, millings, threads, etc. are technically feasible in tools, but massively increase tool costs.
We calculate the most economical production variant for you based on your specific requirements.

Since we handle everything in-house, you save on tedious communication and transportation. In addition, we also bear the risk of rejects. You will receive the finished product only.

Our services of mechanical production

Large machine park for various machining operations.

Flexibility and speed are also in the focus here. We process housings within 24 hours:

  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Drilling
  • Thread cutting
  • Sawing
  • Grinding
  • Glass bead blasting

What customers say about us

Success Stories

Injection molded plastic part with electronics for an IoT button

IoT Button Injection Molding

Development and production of a housing for an IoT button using plastic injection moulding. From design, electronics assembly to delivery in the final packaging.

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Plastic injection molding post office order pen

Mail order pen

A LoRaWANⓇ-based smart button in plastic injection molding. Electronic developed by Miromico together with Swiss Post, with an optical identification code (OID codes).

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SETAGO pick to light system made of sensors in plastic injection molding and control system in aluminum extrusion process

Housing plastic injection

Sensor electronics and LED built into a compact injection-molded plastic housing with translucent plastic front. Control in an extruded aluminium profile.

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