IoT Button Electronics and Injection Molded Parts

Injection moulding IoT housings

IoT button for the LoRaWAN.
From design to delivery of the finished device.

Success Story

Starting point:

This injection-moulded IoT button enables wireless connection to a LoRaWAN-based gateway over a distance of 15 km (line of sight). This button can be used as a service-on-demand button, remote control, emergency, or notification button.


Our task was to develop a housing for the installation of the delivered electronics with the following requirements:

  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Battery compartment easily accessible
  • Four variants modularly assembled
  • Impact resistant
  • Competitive assembly time

Another challenging task for us!


Design created the cornerstones for such a button. Aesthetic, handy and user-friendly were the requirements to be presented to the customer. From our own design drafts of the IoT button, to the production of injection-mouldable prototypes, toolmaking, and the actual final product in series production, we were able to deliver the button functional and ready for use in the end. An unbeatable short assembly time and the ease of handling were decisive points for the customer, which we were able to implement successfully. This makes it possible to produce large series orders within a very short time. All parts are made of injection-moulded plastic, which are assembled by lightly placing one inside the other and then clipping. A lot of attention was also paid to the easy replacement of the batteries.
In addition to mounting the electronics, our assembly process includes additional adhesive label application, a customised front foil, and functional testing of the final product. This then goes into a sale package and is ready for sale.

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Success Stories

Injection molded plastic part with electronics for an IoT button

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