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Housing material

The right material for every housing material

Common injection moulding materials for plastic housings are ABS, polycarbonate, and polyamide.
The choice of material depends, among other things, on the application and the application of the housing.

Will the housing be used indoors or outdoors?
Does it need EMC shielding?
Does the material have to be resistant to chemicals?

These are just some of the questions that should be answered when choosing the appropriate material.
Our experienced engineers will use their know-how to support you.

Our materials for housing

Aluminium is robust and heat dissipating

Due to its robustness, aluminium is not only suitable for indoor applications, but can also be used outdoors. Aluminium is unbreakable and can easily withstand weather conditions such as sun, wind, heat and cold through surface treatments such as passivation and painting. For electronics, the good heat dissipation and EMC shielding of aluminium can be beneficial.

Plastic is lightweight and versatile

Plastic is the most common material for housing injection-moulded parts. It is lightweight and does not require subsequent surface treatment. However, it is important to know the exact conditions of use and to define the appropriate plastic material for this purpose. What chemicals must the housing be resistant to? What flame resistance and impact resistance should the housing have? The plastic materials ABS, polycarbonate and polyamide are widely used.

If the housing is to be used outdoors, we recommend material that has passed a test in accordance with standard UL746C “Polymeric materials, use in electrical equipment”. Artificial weathering is performed as part of this material testing:

  1. 1. 1,000 hours under xenon arc weathering
  2. 2. Seven-day water immersion test at 70 degrees celsius

Plastic becomes brittle or cracks due to the weather conditions in outdoor use and thus leaks, which can damage the sensitive electronics. This in turn can lead to expensive repair costs.

Stainless steel – Durable and robust

Stainless steel has become indispensable in many industries. In process technology and food industry, hygiene is paramount and stainless steel is easy to clean and disinfect due to its resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents.
But, stainless steel housings are also used in harsh environments such as railroad technology or the energy sector.
Common alloys we use are 1.4301/304 (V2A) and 1.4404/316L (V4A).

Sheet steel

A material that is often used in control cabinet construction and 19 in. technology. Steel is an inexpensive material that requires a suitable surface treatment to protect against rust.

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