Engineering of customized enclosure Headslider with a 3D mouse on the PC

Engineering and construction

We love the challenge of meeting all your design and functionality needs for housings

Engineering is the first level to bring concept and product design to a common denominator.

Leave it to us to expertly meet the design and functionality challenges of your injection-moulded or die-cast part.

Production-oriented and cross-procedural with many years of experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, injection moulding, die casting, measurement, and control technology.
The production of the tools is expensive; Accordingly, the parts must be optimally designed to avoid tool changes as far as possible. We have the necessary knowledge and tools to develop exactly such parts using injection molding and die casting processes. Close cooperation between development, rapid prototyping, toolmaking and series injection moulding is a prerequisite for us for fast, economical, and successful implementation.

Our engineers develop the solution with regard to the housing according to your requirements and create technical drawings and 3D models. If you have already started the construction yourself, this is not a problem. We support you in every respect.
In order to map your requirements uncompromisingly and functionally, our experienced developers work out CAD designs suitable for production:

  • In 2D and 3D according to sketches, drawings, or samples
  • Explosion drawings, parts lists, 3D animations, rendering
  • Creation of 3D models and assembly designs according to specifications
  • Check of CAD drawings for DIN and ISO conformity
  • Change/adjustment of design drawings in case of change of manufacturing process
  • Cross-process optimisation/adaptation of parts of an assembly to each other

A constant update and transparent communication of our design department are a matter of course for us and keep you informed about the development process.

Our engineering services

Weekly exchange of information minimizes idle time

We stay in close contact through a short, weekly exchange of information by means of video conference or telephone. The status of the project, the next steps and the necessary decisions are discussed on the basis of the current 3D STEP or 3D pdf drawings. Our customers greatly appreciate the fact that close cooperation virtually eliminates idle time.

Design patterns in 3D printing

Here you get the first “tangible” impression of the housing. For example, does the size, design, handiness suit your requirements? Certain functions can also be tested and checked already, or the electronics can be installed on a trial basis.

Construction data (3D+2D)

Our developers have many years of experience with the CAD system SolidWorks. You have access to your data at any time.

DFM report for tool production

The Design for Manufacturing (DFM) report aims at verifying manufacturability while keeping part manufacturing costs as low as possible. It bridges the gap between development and toolmaking. The more potential problems the mould-maker can anticipate, the more efficient and less expensive it will be to subsequently adjust the mould until the injection-moulded parts are produced in the required quality. For this purpose, various points are queried, checked, and recorded. These are among others:

    • Manufacturing process
    • Exact material designations
    • Data on the mould and suitable injection moulding machine
    • Injection points
    • etc.

What customers say about us

Success Stories

Injection molded plastic part with electronics for an IoT button

IoT Button Injection Molding

Development and production of a housing for an IoT button using plastic injection moulding. From design, electronics assembly to delivery in the final packaging.

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Plastic injection molding post office order pen

Mail order pen

A LoRaWANⓇ-based smart button in plastic injection molding. Electronic developed by Miromico together with Swiss Post, with an optical identification code (OID codes).

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SETAGO pick to light system made of sensors in plastic injection molding and control system in aluminum extrusion process

Housing plastic injection

Sensor electronics and LED built into a compact injection-molded plastic housing with translucent plastic front. Control in an extruded aluminium profile.

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