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Service for all aspects of enclosures

One partner – from design to delivery of the unit

As a system supplier, we handle the entire development and manufacture of your product, including the procurement of all individual parts, and supply you with finished products in the desired quantity.

We rely on close cooperation as early as the development phase and incorporate our housing know-how in design, manufacturability, component-specific shape design and component optimisation. As a customer, you benefit from suggestions for production optimisation or manufacturing processes and materials already at the enquiry stage. Rapid prototyping provides you with security before production starts.

Through possible certifications and ongoing tests we confirm the quality and can intervene flexibly.

Our know-how, your benefit – everything from a single source

Communication Collaboration Concept


Innovative concepts are at the beginning. The process of product development starts there.

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Design sketches of enclosures with pencil and colors

Product design

For the emotional and aesthetic value of the product. The first impression counts.

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Engineering of customized enclosures with a 3D mouse on the PC

Engineering / construction

Construction is the first level to bring concept and design to a common denominator.

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Sensor housing SLS prototype for the pre-series

Prototype construction

Extremely agile and flexible intervention right from the start with tangible results.

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Mold for plastic injection molding handheld case

Tool and mould making

Every tool thought through to the last detail. Quality does not have to be expensive.

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Test bench IP protection class test for enclosures

Testing / certification

Depending on the area of use or application, housings must meet certain standards.

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Mass packaging for the transport of an order pen in plastic injection molding

Logistics solutions

For us, this is much more than just packaging and handling the parts.

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Project Manager

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