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Enclosure technology

Not all housings are the same

The requirements for housingss and their use are becoming increasingly more versatile. And then there is also the cost pressure. Perhaps you have already had experience with housings that have disappointed you? Then these scenarios will certainly sound familiar to you: The housing is not tight, and the electronics will be damaged in use. The material does not withstand the effects of weather and gets cracks. The housing shatters when dropped or the battery compartment is constantly stuck.

These incidents are not only frustrating, they are also expensive. Therefore, it makes sense to rely on the expertise of professionals in the manufacture of housings. This will not only save you a lot of frustration, in the long run you will also avoid high costs that occur later when using with faulty housings. High-quality housings are therefore an investment that pays off in the long term.

As a long-time developer and producer of first-class housings in various manufacturing processes such as plastic injection moulding, aluminium die casting or extruded profiles, we know what matters. Whether you are looking for a hand-held case, a housing for your IoT sensor technology, or a display housing with a large display or touchscreen, we have the experience and the know-how.

We have already proven that. Our housings withstand the harsh conditions of industry in railroad engineering, military, or tunnel construction. We design housings for measurement and control technology that combines simplified application with attractive design, or for sensitive IoT electronics where functionality and signal strength must not be diminished. Across industries, our housings can be found wherever quality and reliability play the main roles and innovative ideas are sought.

Enclosure applications

Electronics enclosures – Every piece of electronics needs a suitable packaging

Although electronics are becoming smaller and lighter, the designs of electronics housings remain extremely broad – whether as a mounting rail housing for control cabinet construction or as a desktop or wall-mounted housing for measurement and control technology. 19 inch continues to be an application as well. The main requirements for electronic housings are design, EMC, and mechanical details in construction; for example, simple closing/opening for service purposes or, on the contrary, sealing to protect against opening.

Our designers and developers are motivated every day to take on new challenges.

IOT housing – For a strong signal

Whether with 4G/5G, Wifi or LPWLAN networks such as LoRa or Sigfox. This is primarily about sending and receiving data. An IoT housing must not disrupt the flow of data exchange. That is why the choice of the appropriate material and design is indispensable. The focus is also on large volumes, deliverability, reliability, and cost pressure. Often the electronics and the housing are very small. The requirements for the shutter mechanism and fast installation of the electronics are prerequisites for competitive series production.
Through our partner Miromico, an innovative and leading Swiss high-tech company specialised in the development of electronic systems and IoT applications, we were able to bring our housing know-how to this new market at an early stage.
Contact us: together we will find and develop a suitable solution that suits you in terms of price and quality.

Industrial enclosures – Permanent protection under tough conditions

Before bus systems made their way into mechanical engineering, standard industrial housings were mainly used as junction boxes and terminal boxes. Even today, industrial housings have their justification in terms of robustness and durability under harsh conditions. Often used outdoors and exposed to weather and environmental conditions, they can be found in road and tunnel construction, the military, railroad engineering, mechanical engineering and also measurement and control technology.

With 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of industrial housings, we are motivated to develop your individually designed housing.

Hand-held enclosures – Mobile with style and ergonomics

Scanning data, collecting signatures, or controlling devices – all this can be done with a small, handy device. Not only the technology is responsible for this, but also the hand-held case. This protects against system degradation from drops, dust, and other disruptive factors in the environment. A good hand-held case also feels good in the hand and offers the right input methods – be it a membrane keypad or a touchscreen. A corresponding display is often required to read the information. Here we pay special attention to impact resistance and good readability in various lighting conditions.
We manufacture hand-held cases according to your individual ideas, so that your technology is packed in the best conditions.

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Mail order pen

A LoRaWANⓇ-based smart button in plastic injection molding. Electronic developed by Miromico together with Swiss Post, with an optical identification code (OID codes).

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